My dad did his best to make sure my sister and I were taken care of after he passed away by creating a trust where each of us received half of his estate. Unfortunately, the trust was written in such a way that if I passed away, whatever was left would be given to my sister’s son. Since my sister was the trustee, she did whatever she could to make sure I did not get my fair share. We litigated for several years before I retained Michael, who was able to resolve the matter in less than one year.



We refer our cases to Avian Law Group because they take care of our clients the way we take care of our clients, with the utmost care, compassion, competence and reliability.

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I was injured in a car accident on the freeway. After three years with a law firm, they tried to get me to accept $40,000. My cousin suggested speak with Michael Avanesian about my injuries. After investigating the case, his firm discovered that I had a traumatic brain injury. We settled the case for $1,300,000.00!


Auto Vehicle Accident