A taxicab accident is a frequent occurrence in Los Angeles, California, largely due to the widespread use of taxis by workers and students. In recent years, there has been a notable rise in taxicab accidents in the city.

Key insights on taxi accidents include:

  • The income of taxi drivers correlates inversely with their accident rates. Higher-income taxi drivers tend to have lower accident rates, while lower-income drivers are more prone to accidents.
  • Experienced, full-time taxi drivers generally have fewer crashes, violations, and complaints compared to new, part-time drivers.
  • Part-time or inexperienced drivers are five times more likely to violate traffic rules and have poor driving records than their full-time, experienced counterparts.
  • Drivers who text while driving are 20 times more likely to be involved in a taxi crash.

For residents, workers, or drivers in Los Angeles, California, having access to a proficient legal team like Avian Law Group is crucial in case of involvement in a taxi accident. Avian Law Group has lawyers specializing in taxi accident cases who have successfully represented numerous victims. Our goal is to ensure fair compensation from taxicab companies or insurance companies of responsible parties. Avian Law Group has skilled taxi accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys ready to assist in pursuing damages, especially in cases of taxi accident injuries.

What to Do When Involved in a Taxi Accident:

  • Record the taxi driver’s license number, insurance information, name, vehicle registration plate, taxi company name, and driver’s contact info.
  • Document the accident scene with detailed photos, including any property damages. If you’re severely injured, have someone else take these pictures.
  • Gather contact details of witnesses, as their testimony will be crucial in establishing fault.
  • Notify the police and ensure you get a copy of the police report.
  • Seek medical attention immediately, even for non-visible injuries.
  • Contact Avian Law Group for a consultation. We’ll help you review crucial aspects of the accident, including whether safety measures were followed.

Building a Strong Case After a Taxi Accident:

  • Gather photos of the accident scene to document the extent of damage and injuries.
  • Provide an accurate police report of the accident.
  • Collect comprehensive details about the taxi driver, including their license, vehicle details, and contact information.
  • Obtain the insurance details of the cab company.
  • Compile contact information of witnesses.

Factors to Consider for Taxi Accident Case Compensation:

  • Types of Accidents: Identify the nature of the accident, whether it’s a collision caused by the taxi driver, a pedestrian hit by a taxi, or other scenarios.
  • Injuries: The severity of injuries, such as concussions, broken bones, or whiplash, can influence compensation.
  • Damages: Claims can be made for general damages (mental trauma, physical pain, disability) and special damages (medical bills, loss of employment, future costs).

Contact Avian Law Group today to arrange a consultation with our taxi accident lawyers, ensuring you’re legally prepared for any taxicab accident scenario.

In bustling cities like Los Angeles, navigating rush hour traffic and overcoming transportation challenges often make car ownership more of a burden than a benefit. This leads many to rely on public taxi services, which are abundantly available in populous urban areas. Despite the expectation of responsible service, including respectful treatment of passengers and adherence to safe driving practices, taxi accidents are not uncommon in cities like Los Angeles, where many remain uninformed about their legal rights and options.

Taxi vehicles, like any significant transportation mode, can be involved in accidents and may sometimes result in fatalities. Often, these incidents are the result of taxi drivers operating their vehicles negligently or recklessly. Examples of such behavior include distracted driving, such as texting while driving, fatigue-induced errors from driving while overly tired, or impaired driving due to alcohol consumption. In these situations, passengers of both the taxi and other vehicles involved can pursue legal action against the taxi company for the driver’s negligence.

It’s not widely known that taxi companies typically carry substantial insurance policies, intended to cover liabilities arising from their drivers’ negligent actions. When seeking legal recourse, one can file a lawsuit against not just the individual cab driver but also the taxi company itself. This applies whether you were a passenger in the taxi or another vehicle impacted by the taxi.

If you’ve suffered due to a taxi company’s negligence, our team of personal injury lawyers is ready to assist. With decades of collective experience, we focus on securing the maximum compensation for our clients. As a law firm specializing in severe taxi accidents, we are committed to protecting your rights. Victims often endure significant pain, suffering, lost income, and a decline in life quality. Our role is to advocate on your behalf, ensuring those responsible are held financially accountable. For any inquiries or immediate support regarding your taxi accident case, please reach out to us. We offer a complimentary consultation to start addressing your legal needs.

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