Three-Vehicle Crash Reported in Madera Acres

May 9, 2023

Multi-Vehicle Crash Reported on Hill Drive

In the Madera Acres area, a multi-vehicle crash on Hill Drive at Martin Street occurred in May 2023. According to a report from the California Highway Patrol, at around 8:40 a.m. on May 9th, a collision happened between a grey Honda SUV, a blue sedan, and a red pickup truck. The force of the accident caused significant damage to all three vehicles involved, which meant the drivers needed emergency medical attention.

The exact cause of the accident is under investigation by the authorities, but early reports suggest that one of the drivers may have been speeding. The crash had a devastating impact on the drivers, with some sustaining serious injuries that required immediate medical attention. However, it was fortunate that no fatalities were reported at the scene.

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