Long Beach Wreck Kills Sara Shorteno

April 3, 2023

Sara Shorteno Killed in Long Beach Collision

The tragic news of Sara Shorteno’s untimely death in a car accident in Long Beach has shaken the entire community.

Ms. Shorteno, a 74-year-old resident of Toronto, was visiting the city when she was involved in a multi-vehicle crash that occurred during a police pursuit.

According to authorities, the accident happened at the intersection of 2nd Street and PCH.

The details of the incident are still being investigated, but it is clear that a police pursuit was underway when several vehicles collided, resulting in Ms. Shorteno’s death.

Our hearts go out to Ms. Shorteno’s family and friends during this difficult time. Losing a loved one in any circumstance is never easy, but the suddenness of a car accident can be particularly devastating. It is our hope that they find comfort and support during this grieving process.

As a law firm dedicated to serving our community, Avian Law Group feels a responsibility to remind others of the importance of safe driving practices. Car accidents can happen at any time, and a few simple precautions can make all the difference in preventing a tragedy like this one.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Follow traffic laws: This may seem like a given, but it’s important to follow traffic signals, speed limits, and other rules of the road. It may be tempting to speed or ignore stop signs, but these actions can put other drivers and pedestrians in danger.

2. Avoid distractions: Texting, eating, or adjusting the radio while driving can take your attention away from the road. Always keep your eyes on the road and focus on driving.

3. Wear your seatbelt: Seatbelts are there to protect you in the event of a crash. Always make sure that you and any passengers in your car are properly buckled up.

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