Khoa Nguyen-Nguyen Killed in Brea Crash

March 22, 2023

20-Year-Old ID’d in Fatal Brea Accident

Two vehicles collided in Brea on Monday, March 20th, resulting in the death of Khoa Dinh Nguyen-Nguyen.

Per reports, the crash took place around 8 in the evening on Carbon Canyon Road.

Sadly, one of the drivers, Nguyen-Nguyen, was declared dead at the scene.

The other driver along with its passenger were hospitalized with injuries.

An active investigation remains underway to determine fault.

Tips for after accident procedures:

  • Take photos of the accident
  • If possible, get your vehicle out of the roadway to avoid future collisions
  • Call 911 if anybody is injured
  • File a police report
  • Contact your insurance

If you suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident you are entitled to compensation. Contact a personal injury attorney today to avoid any legal pitfalls.

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