Annette Gomez Killed in Oxnard Crash

February 16, 2023

Fatal Traffic Collision on Portofino Place 

Two vehicles collided in Oxnard Sunday morning, resulting in the death of Annette Gomez, 44, and Samuel Castro, 31.

The Adelanto woman was the passenger in a Honda Civic that clipped a Hyundai Sonata.

As a result, the Civic spun out of control.

Both the driver, Samuel Castro, 31, and the passenger, Annette Gomez, 44, died due to the injuries sustained in the accident. 

There were not any other injuries reported.

An active investigation remains underway.

Tips for after accident procedures:

  • Take photos of the accident 
  • If possible, get your vehicle out of the roadway to avoid future collisions 
  • Call 911 if anybody is injured 
  • File a police report 
  • Contact your insurance   

If you suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident you are entitled to compensation. Contact a personal injury attorney today to avoid any legal pitfalls. 

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