Holiday Season Traffic Accidents

Holiday Season Traffic Accidents

November 27, 2023

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, nearly 30,000 people are injured or killed on average in car crashes. The holidays, a common time for family travel primarily by car, expose many to longer travel times than usual. These prolonged journeys, along with factors like weather and impaired driving, contribute to significant collisions on roadways. This blog will discuss the dangers of traveling on roads during the holidays and offer tips for safer driving during this period.

Why Are Roadways So Dangerous During the Holidays?

From November to January, Americans celebrate several holidays. While these can be joyful occasions, they also bring the risk of tragic accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that collisions are more frequent during holiday periods than non-holiday times. Several factors contribute to this increase in accidents:

  • Distracted driving
  • Hazardous winter weather conditions
  • Impaired and intoxicated drivers
  • Increased traffic
  • Road rage
  • Driver fatigue

Annually, about 10,000 fatalities occur in crashes involving an impaired or intoxicated driver. The holiday season’s social nature increases the likelihood of driving while impaired.

How Can I Prevent a Car Accident During the Holiday Season?

Completely preventing a car crash is impossible, particularly with added holiday risks. However, you can adopt several strategies to enhance your safety:

  • Use ride-share services when consuming alcohol.
  • Avoid driving in severe weather conditions like snowstorms.
  • Ensure sufficient rest before embarking on long drives.
  • Travel outside of peak traffic times.
  • Steer clear of unfamiliar roads in adverse weather.

What Should I Do If I am the Victim of a Crash During the Holidays?

If you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident, regardless of the time of year, remember these crucial steps:

  • Seek medical attention for any injuries.
  • Photograph all vehicles involved and your injuries.
  • File claims with the relevant insurance companies.

Many people opt for legal assistance after a car accident due to the complexities of insurance claims. An attorney can help reduce the stress of dealing with these claims, allowing you to focus on the holiday season. The skilled car accident attorneys at Avian Law Group offer free consultations for motor vehicle incidents.

If you’re left with questions after a holiday season motor vehicle collision, or if you’ve been involved in one, the team at Avian Law Group is ready to provide answers and assistance at no cost to you. This blog highlights the hazards of holiday travel and offers guidance for safer driving. If you need further information or have experienced a motor vehicle collision during the holidays, Avian Law Group is available to help.

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