Changes to Traffic Laws in 2024

Changes to Traffic Laws in 2024

January 2, 2024

The California DMV has announced several new regulations effective January 1, 2024. Key highlights include:

Modernization of Driver’s License Renewals:

AB 1606 authorizes the DMV to consider remote renewal methods for driver’s licenses, especially aiding those over 70 with virtual options for vision and knowledge tests. Those over 80, however, must renew in person.

Speed Camera Pilot Program:

AB 645 establishes a five-year trial in cities like San Jose and Los Angeles to use speed cameras for enhancing road safety by reducing speeding and associated accidents.

Enhanced Crosswalk Visibility:

AB 413 sets new parking restrictions around crosswalks to improve road user visibility, a safety measure known as “daylighting.”

Combating Catalytic Converter Theft:

A series of laws (SB 55, AB 641, and AB 1519) aim to reduce catalytic converter theft by enforcing marking and possession regulations.

California Firefighter Memorial Restoration:

SB 374 boosts funds for honoring fallen firefighters through an increase in firefighter specialty license plate renewal fees.

ID Card Pilot Program for Inmates:

AB 1329 collaborates with the DMV and San Diego County Sheriff’s Department to ensure inmates receive valid identification upon release, aiding their reintegration.

Vehicle Registration Verification Before Towing:

AB 925 requires verification of vehicle registration status from the DMV before towing to prevent unnecessary impoundments.

Decriminalizing Non-Payment of Fines for Driver’s Licenses:

AB 1125 eliminates the practice of impounding driver’s licenses for not paying fines, reducing the burden on low-income individuals.

Traffic School Attendance Policies:

AB 466 removes the misdemeanor charge for failing to attend traffic school and clarifies consequences for non-attendance.


These measures collectively aim to modernize processes, enhance safety, combat theft, honor service members, promote equity, and reduce undue burdens on citizens.

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