Dental Injury Claims

Dental Injury Claims

January 24, 2024

Head and facial trauma are common in motor vehicle accidents or slips and falls. During such accidents, a forceful blow to the face can cause dental injuries, leading to severe pain and disfigurement. Although teeth are strong, they can still be damaged or knocked out in a car accident, potentially causing further damage. Dental injuries may also result from someone else’s negligence, forming the basis of a personal injury claim. This article discusses how to pursue a dental injury claim effectively.

Dental Injury Claims from an Accident

If you’ve suffered dental injuries due to someone else’s negligence or careless misconduct, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced California accident attorney. Avian Law Group can help you seek compensation for expenses such as replacing or repairing your teeth, dental crowns, veneers, and other losses.

What Causes Dental Injuries in Accidents?

Dental injuries in accidents often result from a forceful blow to the face and teeth during a collision or fall. Motorcyclists, pedestrians, and pedalcyclists are particularly vulnerable. Inside a vehicle, occupants can suffer dental trauma from contact with the dashboard, flying debris, steering wheel, seatbacks, cargo, doors, or due to a defective or improperly worn safety belt.

Types of Injuries to the Teeth and Mouth

Dental injuries can be direct (from an object striking the head or mouth) or indirect (when the mouth closes forcefully in a collision, crushing the lower teeth against the upper ones). Common types of dental injuries include avulsed teeth (knocked out of the socket), luxated teeth (loosened but not knocked out), and fractured teeth (categorized as Ellis I, II, and III fractures). Soft-tissue injuries to the mouth can also occur, requiring immediate medical attention.

Treating dental injuries from car accidents can be costly, involving emergency dental care, oral surgery, dental appliances, bone grafts, and jaw rehabilitation. While dental insurance might cover some costs, significant bills may remain. Avian Law Group can help you understand the damages available through a claim, including medical and dental bills, income losses, and non-economic losses like pain and suffering.

Other Injuries and Damages

Severe collisions often cause additional injuries like whiplash, traumatic brain injuries, facial fractures, internal, and spinal cord injuries. California’s fault system for collision claims holds the at-fault driver responsible for damages. A lawyer can help investigate liability, gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and pursue a fair settlement or trial verdict.

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