Melissa Avakian: Lien Negotiations Director

With a solid foundation of 6 years in personal injury law, Melissa Avakian showcases both depth and breadth in her expertise. Currently serving as the Lien Negotiator Director for Avian Law Group, she draws upon her extensive background to ensure the best outcomes for the firm’s clients.

Melissa’s early years in personal injury saw her excel as a Case Manager for two pivotal years, where she seamlessly coordinated between clients, attorneys, and other involved parties. This role refined her skills in client relationship management and provided the stepping stone to her subsequent specialization as a lien negotiator director.

Her subsequent 4 years as both a lien negotiator and accountant have allowed Melissa to merge her legal expertise with a keen financial acumen, ensuring that clients receive the best possible settlements while maintaining the firm’s financial integrity.

Melissa’s academic credentials further enhance her professional accomplishments. She majored in Business and Marketing Management, which not only informs her current role but has also provided a broader perspective on client relations and business operations.

Complementing her role-specific skills, Melissa brings to the table managerial experience spanning 5 years, highlighting her capability to lead, guide, and optimize team performance.

In her capacity at Avian Law Group, Melissa Avakian is not just a Lien Negotiator; she’s a blend of legal expertise, financial savvy, and leadership prowess, ensuring the firm and its clients benefit from her multifaceted skill set.

Melissa Avakian