A Snapshot of Car Accidents in Los Angeles 

The LA authorities launched the “Vision Zero” initiative in 2015, aimed at eradicating traffic-related deaths by 2025. More than halfway through this campaign, the situation remains disconcerting as traffic fatalities continue to rise, defying the desired downward trend.

In 2021, Los Angeles County witnessed 40,669 reported motor vehicle accidents. Drawing from data supplied by the Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS), we can categorize the severity of injuries sustained in these mishaps. In that year, severe or fatal injuries were the result of 4,477 motor vehicle accidents in Los Angeles County, which accounted for 11.01% of all collisions.

However, it’s crucial to remember that injuries, even if they don’t seem life-threatening at first, can lead to grave consequences. The need for long-term medical care, physical rehabilitation, and dealing with emotional trauma can place a considerable strain on the victim’s mental and financial wellbeing.

Moreover, LA witnessed an increase in certain types of car accidents in 2021, including:

  • Serious DUI accidents
  • Fatal DUI accidents
  • Deadly hit-and-run incidents
  • Serious hit-and-run incidents
  • Accidents causing significant harm to pedestrians
  • Accidents resulting in severe injuries to bicyclists
  • Accidents leading to the death of bicyclists

Diverse Types of Car Accidents in Los Angeles

Car accidents can happen in several ways. A distracted driver might hit a parked car, sidewalk, or traffic signal. Alternatively, there could be a major collision involving multiple vehicles. In 2021, more than 32% of car accidents were rear-end collisions, while nearly 3,000 accidents involved both a vehicle and a pedestrian. The least frequent incident, according to known car accident statistics, was vehicle overturns, with 892 reported in 2021.

Major Factors Leading to Car Accidents 

A primary collision factor (PCF) is the key cause behind an accident. It could be a result of the driver exceeding the safe speed for prevailing road conditions. For instance, driving at the regular speed limit could be perilous during heavy rain or fog. Other PCFs include tailgating, disregarding traffic laws, impaired driving, and dangerous parking. Unsafe speed was the leading cause of car accidents in 2021, followed closely by improper turns and failures to yield the right of way. Sleepy driving accounted for the least number of accidents, with only two recorded instances.

Why the High Rate of Car Accidents in LA? 

Safety advocates across the city concur that there isn’t a single reason behind the high frequency of car accidents in LA. Despite fewer vehicles on the road during the pandemic, the city still saw a rise in accident-induced fatalities and injuries. City officials agree that rampant speeding on local streets is a persistent risk, particularly as speed limits in California are often increased rather than decreased, posing a heightened risk for pedestrians and bicyclists.

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LA Crime Statistics 

With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions last year, and as individuals returned to their workplaces, eateries, and shopping centers, crime rates in Los Angeles experienced a significant increase, reaching a peak not seen in the last five years.

The Los Angeles Police Department recorded 229,584 crimes throughout 2022, marking an 11.6% rise compared to the previous year. This total encompasses a broad spectrum of infractions, from assaults to acts of vandalism. (It’s worth noting that the data doesn’t capture all forms of illegal activities, such as wage theft and the majority of white-collar crimes.)

Does this imply that Los Angeles has become considerably more unsafe? Not exactly. Despite the substantial overall increase in crime, the frequency of violent crimes in 2022 was only marginally above — at 1.1% — than in 2021, as per LAPD Compstat figures. Furthermore, when viewed in the context of history, the current rate of violent crimes is significantly lower than during the drug wars that gripped the city in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The total number of crimes committed in 2022 was slightly less than the 230,385 recorded in 2017. This year had the highest crime rate since the police department started publicly releasing its data in 2010.

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