Public Transportation Accidents Overview

Traffic accidents can drastically alter the lives of all involved, not just the injured parties. Fatalities on highways have been increasing, often due to distracted driving. Fatal accidents can lead to wrongful death claims under circumstances like intoxicated driving, negligence, or product liability. While some auto accidents have clear fault and causation, others are complex and require skilled legal assistance from attorneys like those at Avian Law Group.

Navigating Your Claim

Challenges arise in cases like hit and run accidents, where locating negligent parties is difficult. However, significant compensation can still be obtained if uninsured and under-insured coverage is part of the victim’s auto insurance. If the responsible parties are found, they can face criminal charges and civil lawsuits. Dealing with one’s own insurance company in these scenarios can be adversarial, often not in the claimant’s favor. Hence, handling an injury claim personally is not advisable due to the various defenses insurance companies may employ to reduce or deny claims. For substantial settlements, involving extensive damage and injuries, it’s crucial to have the expertise of our Personal Injury Attorneys.

Recovery of Personal Injury & Property Damage Property

Damage claims are typically the first settlements made by insurance companies and can indicate that liability may not be contested. This includes provisions like a rental vehicle while awaiting repairs or compensation for a totaled vehicle. However, intense negotiations often occur over fair settlement amounts, especially if the insurance adjuster aims to increase the injured plaintiff’s comparative negligence percentage or avoid covering long-term medical care for permanent or disabling injuries.

Big-Rig and Truck Accidents Accidents

Accidents involving large trucks on California freeways are often catastrophic. These complex cases can involve multiple negligent parties, including transportation companies responsible for vehicle maintenance, safety checks, and driving limit compliance. Fatigued driving, often a result of company directives, is a common issue with commercial drivers. In such accidents, our attorneys will robustly defend your interests and pursue the appropriate legal actions against the responsible companies.

Van Accidents

Van accidents vary, including hit and runs, transport van incidents, and multi-passenger van collisions. The popular 15-passenger vans, often used for group transportation, are prone to accidents, particularly rollovers. Despite manufacturers acknowledging these risks and federal warnings, older models without updated safety features are still in use. Overloading these vans exacerbates the danger, shifting their center of gravity and increasing rollover risks. Unfortunately, many passengers in these vans often do not wear seatbelts, unaware of the inherent risks.

Multi-Passenger Van Accidents

The use of 15-passenger vans, frequently operated by less experienced drivers and transporting unbelted passengers, poses significant dangers to passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers on the road.

Commercial Transportation Van Accidents

Commercial vans, often overloaded and driven by inexperienced drivers, are a frequent source of accidents. This overloading can exceed the manufacturer’s specified limits, further escalating the risk of accidents.

In any transportation-related accident in California, Avian Law Group is prepared to offer expert legal guidance and representation, ensuring your rights and interests are vigorously defended.

Product Liability Cases Handled by Avian Law Group

Automotive part malfunctions, such as failing brakes or spontaneous airbag deployment, are common in many unexplained crashes. These issues, along with extensive recalls on children’s car restraint devices, often lead to product liability claims. Courts typically don’t require plaintiffs to prove manufacturer negligence in these cases. Recalls can serve as evidence of prior issues, potentially indicating a failure in providing reasonable duty of care to product users. Victims in such cases usually need the assistance of an experienced attorney like those at Avian Law Group for successful damage recovery.

Consequences of Sustaining Injuries in Transportation Accidents

Victims of transportation accidents often face various losses, some lasting a lifetime, including:

  • Wrongful Death: Families suffer emotional pain, loss of companionship, love, household services, and financial support.
  • Permanent Disfigurement or Disability: These life-altering injuries deserve adequate compensation, as most effects are irreversible.
  • Emotional and Physical Pain and Suffering: The trauma from physical injuries can be extensive and long-lasting.
  • Loss of Earnings: Victims might be unable to work during recovery, or permanently if the accident causes disability.
  • Medical Expenses: Injuries can lead to mounting medical bills and potential lifelong care needs.

Steps to Take After a Transportation Accident

Regardless of your role in the accident – driver, passenger, or pedestrian – it’s crucial to follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your safety, then call the police.
  2. Document the accident scene and any injuries with photographs.
  3. Gather witness contact details.
  4. Avoid negotiating with other parties involved.
  5. File a detailed police report.
  6. Seek medical attention, even without visible injuries.
  7. Contact a transportation accident lawyer like Avian Law Group for legal advice.

Building a Strong Case After a Transportation Accident

To file a successful claim, you need:

  • Medical bill records.
  • Photos of injuries and the accident scene.
  • Repair or replacement costs for damaged vehicles.
  • Proof of lost income.
  • Witness and driver information.
  • Evidence of any disabilities or need for ongoing care.
  • Documentation of emotional distress or physical pain and suffering.

Factors in Transportation Accident Case Compensation

Determining liability can involve multiple parties, including government entities, auto manufacturers, or drivers. The causes may range from defective designs to negligent driving. Our attorneys at Avian Law Group will handle the complexities, ensuring you receive fair compensation for all damages, whether physical, emotional, or financial.

Selecting the Right Transportation Accident Lawyer

Choose an attorney experienced in navigating federal and state transportation laws. At Avian Law Group, we have a track record of handling a wide range of vehicle accident cases. Our understanding of the intricate laws in Southern California and beyond ensures comprehensive pursuit of all potential compensations.

California Comparative Negligence Law

Victims of traffic collisions in California should promptly contact Avian Law Group for a free case evaluation. Understanding the tactics of insurance companies is crucial for achieving a fair settlement. Our skilled California injury lawyers are prepared to defend you. We operate on a no win, no fee basis, ensuring our commitment to securing the best possible outcome for your case.

Contact us at (888) 529-3111 any time – we’re available 24/7 to assist you.

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