Several Injured in Glenn County Crash

May 16, 2023

Highway 162 Collision Results in Injuries

Avian Law Group reports a two-vehicle crash with injuries on Highway 162 at Cherry Street in the Fruto area of Glenn County. The accident happened on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, and the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office responded to the incident immediately after receiving a 911 call.

The details of the accident are sparse at the moment, but it’s believed that several people were injured in the crash. The authorities are currently investigating the cause of the accident and more information will be provided as it becomes available.

Car accidents are a common occurrence on California highways, and they often result in devastating injuries or death. Victims of car accidents are entitled to compensation for their injuries, but the legal process can be quite overwhelming and complex.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, it’s important that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can guide you through the legal process and help you obtain the compensation you deserve. The legal team at Avian Law Group has extensive experience in handling car accident cases and can provide you with the legal representation you need to obtain a favorable outcome.

Don’t hesitate to contact our firm today for a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. We will review your case and determine the best course of action to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Remember, time is of the essence in personal injury cases, so contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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