Pedestrian Accident Kills Mark Agee

June 28, 2023

Mark Agee Identified in Deadly Pedestrian Crash

Tragedy struck in Glendale when a pedestrian, Mark Agee, lost his life after being hit by a car. The accident happened in the early morning hours at the busy intersection of 51st and Northern avenues.

The incident highlights the dangers that pedestrians face on our roads and serves as a reminder of the importance of safety on our streets.

While nothing can bring back a lost loved one, it’s important to take legal action to ensure that justice is served and that responsible parties are held accountable. Avian Law Group is committed to helping victims and their families obtain the compensation they deserve.

Pedestrian accidents are all too common, and they can be caused by a variety of factors. For example, drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, those who speed or drive recklessly, or those who are distracted by their phones or other devices, can all be held responsible for causing accidents.

In cases like these, it’s important to have experienced legal representation to help navigate the legal process and ensure that justice is served. The attorneys at Avian Law Group are dedicated to fighting for the rights of victims and their families and have a proven track record of obtaining favorable outcomes for their clients.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a pedestrian accident in Glendale or anywhere in Arizona, don’t hesitate to contact Avian Law Group for a free consultation. With their expertise and dedication, they can help you obtain the compensation you deserve and ensure that those responsible are held accountable.

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