Man & Woman Killed in San Jose Crash

May 30, 2023

Highway 17 Collision Results in the Deaths of Two People

A tragic car accident took place on the southbound Highway 17 near Hamilton Avenue in San Jose, claiming the lives of a man and a woman. The incident involved two vehicles and happened on a Friday morning in May 2023.

According to available reports, the victims were traveling in a Mercedes that had stalled on one of the southbound lanes of Highway 17. Unfortunately, they exited their car and were struck by another vehicle, resulting in their death.

Such incidents are a grim reminder of the importance of staying safe on the road and following traffic rules. It is important to keep one’s vehicle in good condition and to handle any mechanical issues promptly. If a vehicle stalls, drivers should pull over safely and ensure they leave their vehicle in a secure location.

Furthermore, pedestrians should avoid highways and busy roads as much as possible, and if necessary, they should cross only at designated crossing areas. They must also pay attention to traffic and avoid any distractions while walking.

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In summary, tragic events like this serve as a reminder to follow traffic rules and stay cautious on busy roads. For those affected, Avian Law Group can provide the necessary legal guidance and support to help them through these difficult times.

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