Individual Fatally Struck by Car on 5 Freeway

July 14, 2023

Deadly Pedestrian Crash Reported in Anaheim, California

A tragic incident occurred early Friday morning in Anaheim, California, where a pedestrian lost their life after being struck by a vehicle on the southbound Santa Ana (5) Freeway. The California Highway Patrol reported that the accident took place near the 91 Freeway.

The incident serves as a painful reminder of the dangers pedestrians face on our roadways. With vehicles moving at high speeds, even the slightest moment of distraction or failure to yield can have devastating consequences for those on foot.

Although the specific details surrounding the accident are still under investigation, it is crucial for motorists to remain vigilant and watch out for pedestrians at all times. This responsibility falls not only on the drivers but also on the local authorities to ensure proper signage, appropriate lighting, and safe pedestrian crossings.

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