Fatal Pedestrian Crash Reported on SR-91 in Riverside, CA

December 12, 2023

Pedestrian Fatally Struck by Car in Riverside, California

A tragic incident occurred on Monday night in Riverside as a pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle on State Route 91. The California Highway Patrol reported that the collision took place at approximately 8:14 p.m., and authorities are currently investigating the incident.

It is a heartbreaking reminder of the dangers pedestrians face on our roadways. Even though pedestrians have the right of way in many situations, accidents like these can still occur, often resulting in devastating consequences. The Avian Law Group understands the importance of holding responsible parties accountable for their actions in situations like this.

When a pedestrian is involved in an auto accident, there are several legal aspects that need to be considered. Determining liability is crucial in such cases. It is essential to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident, including examining any traffic surveillance footage, interviewing witnesses, and collecting all possible evidence to establish fault.

Avian Law Group has a team of experienced and dedicated attorneys who specialize in personal injury cases, including those involving pedestrian accidents. Our attorneys will fight tirelessly to protect the rights of the victims and help them obtain the compensation they deserve.

In cases like these, compensation may include medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and other damages resulting from the accident. Our attorneys will work closely with the victim and their family to assess their specific damages and build a strong case.

We understand that losing a loved one in a pedestrian accident is a traumatic experience. Our compassionate team at Avian Law Group is here to provide support, guidance, and legal representation throughout the entire process. We will handle all aspects of the case, allowing the victim’s family to focus on healing and moving forward.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a pedestrian accident, do not hesitate to contact Avian Law Group for a free consultation. Our skilled attorneys are ready to listen to your story, evaluate your case, and provide the legal assistance you need during this difficult time. Remember, there is a limited time to file a claim, so it is crucial to act quickly to protect your rights.

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