Deadly Motorcycle Crash in Tempe, AZ

August 21, 2023

Motorcyclist Killed in Tempe Traffic Collision

A tragic motorcycle accident occurred in Tempe, Arizona on Monday morning, resulting in the death of the motorcyclist. The accident took place on Loop 202 near McClintock Drive, when the rider crashed into a disabled car and was subsequently struck by another vehicle. The Arizona Department of Public Safety reported that the incident happened shortly after 5 am.

The motorcyclist succumbed to their injuries at the scene of the accident. It is a devastating reminder of how vulnerable motorcyclists are on the road, and the importance of being cautious and alert while driving.

The investigation into the accident is still ongoing, and it is unclear at this time what factors may have contributed to the crash. Authorities are urging anyone with information about the incident to come forward and assist with the investigation.

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