2-Year-Old Fatally Struck in Tulare County

May 2, 2023

Vehicle Hits & Kills Toddler in Tulare County

The tragedy of a child being killed in a car accident is unfathomable. This heart-wrenching news happened on April 28, 2023, when a 2-year-old boy was playing in a driveway near the traffic intersection of Avenue 256 and Road 156.

According to ABC30 News, the child was struck by a vehicle which resulted in his fatal injury. As a parent or caregiver, the thought of losing a child is truly devastating and unimaginable. The family is most likely facing indescribable pain and suffering because of this unthinkable tragedy. In Tulare County, California, this is not an isolated incident.

Unfortunately, car accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists are more prevalent than most people may think. These pedestrian and bicyclist accidents are unfortunately the most vulnerable in these types of accidents. Sadly, these accidents can result in severe injuries, lifelong disabilities, and even death. It is up to us as drivers to be vigilante and aware while operating a vehicle on the roadways.

It is critical to always be on the lookout for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicles. Obey traffic laws, operate at a safe speed, and avoid driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In such a difficult time of loss, it is essential to understand that the family of the child may have legal recourse. It is not uncommon for families to seek justice through legal action in cases such as this.

It’s important to note that each situation is unique and the family should consult with an experienced attorney such as the Avian Law Group to determine what legal options are available.

As a community, we must take responsibility and work to minimize the devastating effects of these types of accidents. This includes being vigilant on the road and supporting the families impacted by these terrible events.

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