How Insurance Companies Avoid Paying You

How Insurance Companies Avoid Paying You

March 20, 2023

After being injured in a car accident it is not uncommon to feel confused, frightened, and disoriented. Unfortunately, insurance companies are aware of this and will use specific strategies to take advantage of you, so they pay you the least amount possible. Accident victims should not have to worry about legalities while also trying to recover from their injuries. It is in your best interest to consult with a personal injury attorney so they can guide you through the claim process.

  1. Offer a Fast Settlement

Insurance companies are all about profit. Their goal is to pay out the least amount possible and one of the ways they do this is by offering a settlement offer right away. At first, the amount offered may seem like enough because you haven’t had a chance to understand your damages. If you accept a quick offer, you may develop injuries later which will lead to a pile of medical bills. Rather than closing your case and accepting less than you deserve, seek medical and legal advice to understand the extent of your injuries.

2. Use a Pre-Existing Condition Against You

Your complete medical history can be used against you because insurance companies will try and make it seem as if a pre-existing condition caused your injuries, rather than the accident itself. This can diminish your personal injury claim.

3. Deny Liability

Insurance adjusters will often deny that their client was at fault which leads to a liability dispute. This can lead to you not getting paid at all, or you giving up altogether. Consult with an attorney so we can help provide the proper evidence to support your claim.

4. Delay the Claims Process

In California, you have two years from the date of your accident to file a lawsuit. Insurance companies will try and delay the claims process as long as possible because they are aware there is a time limit. Their goal is to pay you less than you deserve, or that you give up altogether.

5. Ask You Misleading Questions

Oftentimes insurance companies will ask you misleading questions while you’re on record which can be taken out of context. They will use this evidence against you later to avoid paying you. You may not think anything of it because you know you were not at fault, but they specialize in these tactics. Always consult with a personal injury attorney first.

6. Urge You to Decline Medical Treatment

Your first step after being involved in an accident should be seeking medical treatment. This will be the strongest evidence in your personal injury claim because it shows you suffered significant injuries. Oftentimes insurance companies will try and convince you that medical treatment is a waste of time and effort. They are not medical professionals, see a doctor and be consistent with treatment.

7. Give You False Legal Information

Never trust insurance companies when they are trying to be your friend. Their goal is to gain your trust in hopes that you believe everything they say. If they are successful in doing so, they will feed you false legal information, so you don’t seek legal representation. They are not legal professionals, and they are not on your side.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

At Avian Law Group, we do not get paid unless your case has been won, so we are always fighting hard to get you justice. If you win, so do we, and if you lose, so do we. Insurance companies know that if you hire an attorney, they will end up paying more than they are willing to give. To avoid the financial burdens of being involved in a car accident, consult with an attorney. The process may seem intimidating so let us handle the hard work while you sit back and focus on your recovery.

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Michael Avanesian

Michael Avanesian, the founder and driving force behind Avian Law Group, is a passionate and dedicated attorney with a strong background in personal injury law. As a partner at JT Legal Group, Michael led the growth of the personal injury practice from a single employee to a team of over ninety professionals, securing over $2 billion in settlements for clients in just three years.

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