3-Vehicle Collision in Santa Fe Springs

May 22, 2023

Multi-Vehicle Accident Reported in Santa Fe Springs

Car accidents are an unfortunate reality of our roads, and can have devastating consequences for those involved. A recent three-car collision in Santa Fe Springs is a sobering reminder of just how quickly things can turn tragic on the road.

According to authorities, the accident occurred at around 5:13 pm on a Friday evening, at the intersection of the 605 Freeway and 5 Freeway in Santa Fe Springs. One person sustained major injuries as a result of the crash, although it is not yet clear how severe these injuries were or whether they are life-threatening.

The causes of the accident are still under investigation, and it is not yet known what factors may have contributed to the collision. However, regardless of the cause, accidents like this can have serious consequences for everyone involved – physically, emotionally, and financially.

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